Daniel Fogelson

Marketing and Sales Strategy

for the Design Industry.

Objective:  Build sustainable growth in Profit, Brand and Sales through distribution, marketing and product strategy and management.

As Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Emeco from 2002 – 2013 I built and developed all distribution, sales, marketing and brand programs.

In 2002, Emeco began a revival at its historic factory in Hanover PA. Starting with one chair, and one customer- the US Government, our goal was to create an "International Design Company".

By 2013, Emeco had invested in new processes, materials and products and collaborated with the Coca-Cola Company on a new chair made of recycled plastic Coke bottles. Our chairs had been featured in films, on TV and were accepted into the permanent collection of 8 international museums. During my tenure, distribution expanded worldwide and Emeco was nominated twice for the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Awards.

Ask me how we did it. danielreidfogelson@gmail.com

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